Work with your strengths and values to create your professional identity.

The health and 'wellbeing' industry is not always healthy for instructors and teachers. Many of us have too many horror stories about workplace issues. Lead by Wholhearted Life's Kirsten Brown, you'll benefit from Kirsten's experience within her corporate roles and experience with the health and wellbeing communities.

Being clear on your professional identity is more than just an esoteric experiment. It can guide you through recruitment, workplace conflict and professional branding. You will have access to these short videos, companion workbook and slides to scaffold your construction of a professional identity.

Instead of trying to fit someone else's vision, this course will help you craft your own identity so that you can choose clients and workplaces that support your future.

Put yourself on the front foot and avoid years of friction and uncertainty by signing up to this refreshing workshop.

Meet Kirsten Brown

Kirsten works with leaders supporting the growth of their leadership as a coach and development specialist (Wholehearted Life) here in Australia and beyond. Kirsten is also a Precision Nutrition certified coach and passionate about how health and wellbeing support our aspirations and lives as human beings.  She is also a co-founder of The Peri Project.

You'll benefit from Kirsten's workbook which is designed for you to complete and refer to frequently as you make clear choices that enhance your wellbeing and professional vision.


Build or round out your professional identity to improve your wellbeing. This will inform how you can market your services with compassion and appeal. 12 months access to course material.