OH&S can be boring, but not our version ...

We have done our best to make the standard curriculum of Workplace safety interesting and relevant to our industry. More than that, these modules have been built to keep you and your team engaged in the profession for years to come by building a workplace that promotes positive physical, emotional and mental health.

We cover the fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety, absolutely.... and we go beyond the dry content and look at the Pilates studio in detail; helping you to build checklists and reports that ensure compliance and look to foster a mentally healthy workplace from the get go.

Take home plenty of resources including videos, slides, templates for use at your studio and a workbook for assessment to demonstrate that you know how to care for others at work within the framework of Workplace Health and Safety.

To be assessed on this material for your own learning or professional development points, please complete the workbook within 12 months.TMRACADEMY has developed this course in line with the six elements of best practice. Read more about the modules below.

Background and the legislation

It's not hard right? Don't hit your colleagues and pay your staff on time.... that's how you keep the workplace happy?

Maybe there is more to it than you realised, this 30 minute session will take you through the different elements of Workplace Health and Safety primarily so that you can build a thriving studio that can run itself, without incident.


Join us for 20 minutes to understand the responsibilities and process of useful consultation. Whether you are part of a team of one or a health club with fifty instructors, utilising tools around consultation can help both staff and clients especially around times of change.

Duty of Care

It's more than just a buzzword and definitely a concept where actions speak far louder than words.

This shorter session is useful no matter which side of the equation you are on ... Manager, staff, client.

By the end of this you'll understand your legal responsibilities for Duty of Care and how embedding solid management in all directions can improve the experience of staff and clients alike.

Workplace hazards
(physical and mental health)

You're probably not surprised how policies and behaviour at work and online can have detrimental health to physical, emotional and mental health. Positive processes for a healthy industry starts before recruitment and support each worker throughout their time at a workplace.

This unit covers vital topics

  • Physical hazards
  • Conceptual hazards
  • Induction, evacuation, and inspections
  • Building a mentally healthy workplace

You'll get so much from this session and can immediately transform and support your current studio with care and compassion.

Risk Control

Here is where things start coming together. You'll now understand the different types of hazards and their effect on the work group.

Develop your understanding of the Hierarchy of Controls so that you can effectively manage issues within your studio utilising this handy framework.

Records and Reports

Do you know how long to keep each report in the workplace?

What's your obligation to consult and report back to the work group?

This session goes to the heart of proactive practice in workplace health and safety. Common sense mixed with legislative requirements and smart practice will boost your instructor retention and take the stress out of the bigger picture.


This package includes lecture content, resources, assessments and templates for records, reports and checklists which will shave hours off your administration and boost compliance. 12 months access to course material which means you can learn, institute change and then review the material as needed to ensure your workplace is thriving.