Your faculty, Susan Cottrell

Join Susan from The Body Refinery to establish a framework for working with clients with NSLBP

Susan is known for her fun and gentle teaching style. As an experienced Physiotherapist and movement practitioner you are in safe and wise hands. You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of why ‘non-specific’ back pain occurs and information to deliver a meaningful Pilates session to someone who comes to Pilates with back pain. Be prepared to connect your knowledge of anatomy to breathing and posture, which will help inform your Pilates prescription.

The workshop

Back pain is probably the most common reason people attend Pilates these days. But what is back pain and does the cause affect your programming?

To best understand it, let’s go back and review your anatomy knowledge and look at the body as a movement system. This will remind you why Pilates is so fantastic for back pain and help you ‘sell’ your services to your prospective client.

Susan will take you through each phase of recovery with a framework that will help you to appreciate the pathological factors that underpin your goal-setting, objectives and exercise choices.

In addition to the lectures, slides and assessment material, you'll be able download several recorded exercises to best understand how to care for a client who is experiencing NSLBP.


6 months access to lecture material, notes, videos and exercises