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THE BREATH – one of the guiding principles of Pilates – essential for life, and so much more than an oxygen delivery system. Yet our clients often get “caught up” up in the breath, holding and struggling to coordinate breath with movement. Although JHP said “above all, learn how to breathe correctly”, is there really a “Pilates breath”?

Using a combination of experience, research and collaboration, in this workshop you will be led through:

  • mechanics of breathing and its influence on trunk control
  • breath application to challenge, create, modulate movement, flow and
  • posture
  • strategies to identify and correct faulty breathing patterns
  • introduction on pain, breathing and the nervous system
  • the relevance of ‘engaging the core’ in a variety of populations

Work with Megan

A favourite presenter in Melbourne teaching circles; experienced, kind, hilarious ... she talks about our intimate areas both delicately and with gusto! A session with Megan is always fun and enriching ...

As a very experienced clinician and on a recent ‘thoracic spine and pilates self-learning phase’ Megan’s existing interest for breath-work has found a new depth in understanding and in practice.

With a growing interest in Women’s health and treating/coaching people with persistent pain, Megan is often referring to the original writings of Joseph Pilates and his concept around the breath. Megan is currently working in a country Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation practice in Gisborne while also studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Women’s health and continence at Curtin University.

Megan is one of those rare educators who includes participants in each step of the process so that they leave immersed, inspired and ready to support their clientele.

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